Furniture Moisturizing Care Plan

Protect your Antiques and Woodwork

Furniture Moisturizing Care Plan

One of our most important services offered is the annual moisturizing and conditioning of your antique furniture and related wood items.  Our clients all agree that this is by far the most important aspect of antique and wood related preservation and maintenance.  As we all know on a typical snowy or rainy day our moisture and humidity content is as high as 100% and the very next day it’s sunny and our moisture and humidity can be as low as 15% to 0%. These large dips of moisture in the air is very tough on furniture and other related wood items.  Thus the importance of annual moisturizing.

How it Works

We make an appointment with the Homeowner or Owner liason and do a room to room count, evaluation and inspection of all furniture and related wood items at no cost to the owner

We then put together a complete piece by piece list of all furniture in need of care and a not to exceed cost for this service. This procedure is done onsite for your convenience.  Note: this also gives you an inventory of your furniture as well. 

Step by Step

This procedure is done on-site. It will protect and guard your furniture against our high altitude dry conditions and changes in the humidity.

Taping and Masking for Protection
General Cleaning of Pieces: Interior and Exterior
Inspection for Repairs
Repairs if Needed (Discussion with Owner before any repair is done)
Application of Danish Oils to Interiors
Application of Danish Oils to Exteriors with Waxing where Applicable
Match Original Circa Patinas
De-masking and De-taping with General Cleanup

Please call with any questions or concerns and a no cost evaluation of your antiques and woodwork.

Let's talk about getting your furniture moisturized and conditioned.